School Policies

The Board of Management has approved the following Policy Documents:

School Code of Behaviour Policy

  • Discipline is the means by where children are trained in orderliness, good conduct, and the habit of getting the best out of themselves, all of which are essential to the well being of the school.
  • Any pupil who fails to respond to normal school or class discipline and tends to be a disruptive influence on the class may have sanctions applied to him / her.
  • Where there is a serious breach of discipline, parents will be contacted immediately.
  • Parents are expected to take full responsibility for their children’s behaviour.
  • A comprehensive Code of Behaviour Policy Document is available in the school.

Accident Procedures

  • Accidents occur despite supervision. Minor accidents are treated at school. Cleaning with saline solution and gauze hypoallergenic plaster is applied to the wound if necessary. When a dressing has been put on a wound, parents are requested to inspect the wound when the child comes home from school.
  • In the event of an accident/child becoming ill, every possible effort will be made to contact the pupil’s parents or the persons delegated to take responsibility for the pupil.
  • Please complete the attached form giving details of home/work phone numbers. The school should be notified immediately of changes of address etc.
  • Non co-operation in this matter could result in a delay in having your child attended to medically, should the need arise.
  • Please ensure that alternative contact consent has been arranged and that the person lives locally.
  • The school will not accept responsibility for any medical expenses incurred.
  • There is a facility for parents to take our insurance to cover medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident at school. Details of this scheme are circulated to parents in September.


The school has recently completed a self-evaluation of teaching and learning in numeracy. This was based on data which was analysed from Standardised Sigma and Micra results, questionnaires to parents and children and active staff participation. Based on the findings we have produced a School Improvement Plan. Both reports have been approved by the Board of Management and discussed with the Parents Association. Should you require copies please call to the office.

We are currently preparing similar papers on Numeracy within Scoil Mocheallóg. The results of last year’s Sigma and Micra Tests were most gratifying, showing that the children performed above the national norm in English and well above in Maths.