Historical Workshop in the Library

On March 14th, classes from 3rd to 6th were invited to the library to have a historical workshop. The children learned about famous Irish rebellions from the 1798 Rebellion, to the Fenian attack on the barracks in Kilmallock, to the 1916 Rising and many more. They were given the opportunity to try on the attire of the soldiers who went into battle. The children were also fascinated to learn about the various weaponry that the soldiers would have used in battle.


School Uniform for September 2017

As we prepare to move to our new school, we have decided to make some changes to our uniform.

This is the plan, starting in September 2017:


From now on the PE Tracksuit is only to be worn on PE day.

All girls now have the option of wearing plain Navy school pants if they wish.

The PE Tracksuit consists of:

  • Navy Crested Tracksuit Top
  • Plain Navy Tracksuit Pants
  • White Polo Shirt (No longer crested)


All Junior Infants starting school in 2017 are asked to buy the new uniform.

The new uniform consists of

  • A crested red V-neck jumper for both boys and girls. (Available at Morans, Charleville)
  • Navy school pants or a Navy skirt or Navy Pinafore
  • White shirt
  • Navy and Red school tie (Available at Morans, Charleville)
  • The School Tracksuit as outlined above.


Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class are free to continue wearing their existing uniform.

If however you need to buy a new uniform you may buy the new uniform listed above if you so wish.


There will be no change to the uniform in Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes, apart from those already listed under ‘EVERYONE’


RSA at Scoil Mocheallóg

On Monday !6th January, the RSA arrived at our school with their ‘Streetsmart’ mat. They set up in the hall and over the next four days every class in the school got a lesson in Road Safety from the RSA staff. Everyone had great fun and learnt about staying safe on our roads. The main lessons learnt were:

  1. Stop! Look! Listen before we cross the road.
  2. Always wear a safety belt.
  3. Never sit in the front seat of the car. (You must be at least 150cm in height and at weigh at least 36kg to sit in the front seat)
  4. Use a booster seat until at least age 10

Ms. Lee’s First Class take Top prize!

Three classes from our school entered the Team Limerick Christmas Tree Competition and Ms. Lee’s First class took the top prize! First class decorated their tree with plastic cups, green fabric, and brown crepe paper. All the trees are hanging in the Crescent at present. On Monday next, December 12th, Ms. Lees, Yvonne and five of First class will travel to the Crescent to collect their prize. Congratulations to all concerned