6th Class Science Projects

This week, 6th class used the  information and skills which they had learned throughout the year in the area of Electricity…in the form of a science project.

In groups, the children firstly planned their project and designed it on paper. They had the choice of either making a Lighthouse or an Electric Quiz. (If you get the answer right, the bulb will light up!)

The following week, the children created their project by using an electric circuit.

DSCF0192 (Copy)
Trying to figure it all out!
DSCF0190 (Copy)
Working as a team!
DSCF0191 (Copy)
Experimenting….trial and error!
DSCF0201 (Copy)
Can you match the singer with the song?
DSCF0212 (Copy)
An interesting historical match up!
DSCF0203 (Copy)
Ireland…matching the county with the town.
DSCF0195 (Copy)
Can you guess the football player’s team?
DSCF0210 (Copy)
Our selection of lighthouses…all have a switch so they can be easily turned on and off.

DSCF0208 (Copy) DSCF0205 (Copy) DSCF0200 (Copy) DSCF0197 (Copy)

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6th Class Students Decorate Town Walk with Trees

6th class students recently planted tree saplings along the river walk in the town.

Seven silver birch trees were planted. Silver birch are a native Irish tree and they help with biodiversity. Though only saplings at the moment, they can grow into  medium sized deciduous trees that will be between 15m and 25m when fully grown.

The planting of these trees are a continued project by Kilmallock Tidy Towns Association along the river walk. The committee seek to involve students from the local schools to participate in projects in their area. Last year, the students were  involved in planting trees and shrubs along the same walk. An insect hotel was also built to attract insects, especially bees, to the area.

DSCF0176 (Copy) DSCF0178 (Copy) DSCF0174 (Copy) DSCF0168 (Copy) DSCF0170 (Copy) DSCF0172 (Copy) DSCF0167 (Copy) DSCF0166 (Copy) DSCF0165 (Copy) DSCF0164 (Copy)

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Proclamation Day

Junior and senior infants singing Ireland's Call!
Junior and senior infants singing Ireland’s Call!
First Class doing the 6 Hand reel!
First Class doing the 6 Hand reel and Ronan O’Brien dancing a solo dance!
Third Class singing 'Grace'
Third Class singing ‘Grace’


Scoil Mocheallóg marked Proclamation Day by having a concert with all things Irish! Classes participated by either singing, dancing or playing musical instruments, and one class even performed the Haka as Gaeilge! Two classes read out their respective ‘Proclamation for a New Generation’, a proclamation written by the students for 2016.

Jane Moroney visited Scoil Mocheallóg for the celebrations and brought information and memorabilia about her father who was active in the War of Independence. A native of Kilmallock, he is buried in our local cemetery.

Following the concert was a flag-raising ceremony, where the tricolour was raised, the original proclamation read and the National Anthem was sung by all students of Scoil Mocheallóg.

DSCF0144 (Copy)
4th class performing the Haka as Gaeilge!
DSCF0148 (Copy)
5th class playing Amhrán na bhFiann

Later in the day, to end the events, the students from 3rd to 6th class had an open air céilí in their school playground.DSCF0141 (Copy) DSCF0143 (Copy) DSCF0145 (Copy) DSCF0146 (Copy) DSCF0150 (Copy) DSCF0152 (Copy) DSCF0155 (Copy) DSCF0156 (Copy) DSCF0158 (Copy) DSCF0160 (Copy) DSCF0161 (Copy) DSCF0181 (Copy) DSCF0184 (Copy) DSCF0185 (Copy) DSCF0188 (Copy) DSCF0189 (Copy)

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Water Flag / Green Schools

On Tuesday the 8th of February Scoil Mocheallóg was visited by a member of Limerick County Council to see how we were getting on with our efforts to conserve water in our school. Our pupils on the ‘Water Flag’ committee were ready with all the facts and figures to support the great efforts being made at both side of the school. Pupils from Ms. Brady’s second class were particularly knowledgeable about the amount of water we use to have a bath, take a shower, wash a car, fill a dishwasher etc. We are now waiting to see if we were successful in winning our third Green Flag for Scoil Mocheallóg.

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