Energy Committee get active!

003The new Energy Committee of Scoil Mocheallóg is getting active.

These are the members of the Energy Committee:

Lilymae Healy, Shane Dowling, Seán Freney and Gearóid Enright.

Every day they go from class to class reminding us to do the following:

  1. Turn off all lights when we don’t need them.
  2. Turn off our computers and whiteboards when not in use.
  3. Keep all doors to classrooms closed to conserve heat.
  4. Keep our exterior door closed to conserve heat.

If you visit our school, you can help!…….. Please close the front door on your way in and on your way out! Thank You.

Scoil Mocheallóg Annual Dancing Feis

Senior Infants practising for the upcoming Feis
Senior Infants practising for the upcoming Feis

The Junior School of Scoil Mocheallóg will hold their annual Dancing Feis on Thursday 10th March.

The timetable is as follows:

12.30:  Junior Infants, both classes.

1.15   :  Senior Infants, both classes.

2.00 :  Ms. Lee’s class and Ms. Guiney’s class.

2.30:  Ms. Brady’s class.

All are very welcome to attend.